Coach Aaron has been doing private baseball and softball instruction for 25 years.  He has literally worked with several thousand players, sent dozens of baseball and softball players on to collegiate athletics as well as two on two onto MLB baseball (
Travis Shaw and Adam Eaton ). 

Coach Aaron has worked very closely with several Youth Athletic Associations as well as elite baseball and softball travel organizations to develop proven practice programs. 

Coach Aaron specializes in the following:

Hitting (Baseball & Softball)
Slapping (Softball)
Catching (Baseball & Softball)
Basic Fielding & Throwing (Baseball & Softball)
Baseball Pitching 
Pitching (Fastpitch <10 yrs old)
It’s important that students (no matter the age) understand what their body movements are doing.  Then educate students and their parents/guardians on current methodologies and philosophies as well as proven fundamentals necessary prolonged success.
To engage students I use “prescriptions/homework,” technology, real-life examples, various simple drills as well as skill specific tools to help create proper muscle-memory