Coach John LaVoie is a former collegiate baseball player and has been involved in various aspects of the game for over 33 years. He spent most of his playing career pitching, running down fly balls in center field, and manning shortstop. After finishing his playing career, he turned down a High School coaching opportunity in order to move to Ohio to be with the love of his life, Kelly. Not long after arriving in Ohio, Coach LaVoie began coaching youth softball. Since 2012, he has served on the New Albany Baseball and Softball Board of Directors. In 2016, Coach LaVoie transitioned to Board President and continues to volunteer his time coaching and instructing within the rec and travel programs. Coach LaVoie has provided baseball and softball (individual/group/team) hitting instruction since 2014.

When it comes to teaching players, his philosophy is simple:
1) Effort over results.
2) Preparation + experience builds confidence.

Coach LaVoie believes players who put forth the effort will eventually see positive results. Players don’t need to seek perfection during each at-bat, but they should aggressively compete against their peers, while maintaining an atmosphere of fun. He takes great pride in helping players increase their game IQ, as well as refining game mechanics.

You can visit Coach LaVoie’s Facebook hitting page for additional tips and insight: